Trishuls Rewards

We, at Indian Project, like the idea to Reward our customers.
to give back advantage and better prices to the ones who are supporting us !
This why we now add, for any design you buy, a specific amount of points.
We call those points : Trishuls Rewards !

The more you will buy from us, the more you will interact with us,
then the more you will get some discounts and special advantages.
This makes sense for us…

Collecting Trishuls

• Open your account on our website :: 30 Trishuls
• Place your first order :: 50 Trishuls
• Buy designs from our collections ::  Trishuls amount as per designs
• Submit to our IP newsletter :: 30 Trishuls

How It Works ?

For most of our design on our website, you will see a specific amount of Trisuls shown close by the price information.
This is the amount of Trishuls you will be rewarded if you buy the design.

Trishuls are directly credited into your account once your order is complete.
After you will reach 200 Trishuls, you will be able to start using them and go for
 some discounts on your orders.
You can also continue collecting them till you reach the necessary amount of Trishuls for a free product.

Trisuls you will collect with us are life-proff
 so no matter when you buy, you will at a time be able to use them !
Prior to be able to collect some Trishuls, you need to open an account on our website and to register to our newsletter.
Otherwise Trisuls cannot be added to your account !

Once you will get some trishuls in your account, you will find a new area in the checkout process pages to let you use a part of them.

And any time you can find in your personal area the details of your rewards (amount , date and  value)

The value of your Trishuls is based on 1:10, means you can get 1 euro discount for 10 Trishuls reedemed,
exemple: you could reedem 60 Trishuls in the checkout of your order to get an instant discount of 6 euros on the total bill to pay.